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Be kind to your future self

be kind to your future self illustration

I've been experimenting with a bit of linoprinting. A few months ago my sister gave me some spare tools and I've been messing around with simple shapes every now and then. This is my first attempt at a proper print. The phrase comes from my colleague David, and I thought it'd be a nice gift for him as he moves on to a new job.

There's something about cutting lino (or fake primary school lino in this case) that's really satisfying. Maybe it's to do with being offscreen and it taking time to see the results. I had to be a bit strategic with lino as I was running out, so I stuck it to some cardboard and it seemed to work. I have no idea what I'm doing!

the lino

After trying a few prints my favourites are the ones that are slightly washed out and distorted. It gives it a bit more character.

blue version of the illustration