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Seeing for ourselves

Today was amazing. We went out of the city and visited two communities that Tearfund supports by providing Umoja training (see yesterday’s post for more on Umoja, or better still read Danny’s). In both places we met the facilitators who work with the local church to develop small projects that help the people around them. It was really inspiring and great to see first hand what people can do when they work together. 

I thought that rather than writing one long blog post, from now on I am going to start sharing mini posts, with small stories of the people I meet. Long blog posts take too long! Easier for me to share as I go and hopefully a little more engaging too. 

Check the Cambodia scrapbook for some stories from today. I’m still adding them now, before I head to bed (I’m 7 hours ahead of UK time) - a poor internet connection is not making my life easy!