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Mac app must-haves

This week I have gone through the tedious task of wiping my work iMac, installing Mountain Lion (just as OSX Mavericks is announced - typical!), installing Rails and copying everything back again.

For future reference, and for anyone who’s interested, I’ve come up with a list of mac apps that I can’t do without…

Text expanding software. I use it to make code snippet shortcuts, and help me shorten boring repetitive tasks. A big time saver.

Super useful. I put all the current files I’m working on in Dropbox, and then I can pick them up on any machine/device. Also use it to store fonts, resources and preference files.

I put everything I need for reference here, including  my inspiration library, code snippets, notes, links, PDF documents, receipts and photos of sketches, and everything is tagged so I can find it quickly. The killer feature of Evernote is its image indexing, which is amazing for searching through images of hand drawn notes.

Adobe Creative Cloud
Standard design software. Just upgraded after using CS4 for a while. Looking forward to getting my teeth into the new features of Photoshop in particular.

The Hit List
My favourite todo list app. Love the attention to detail, keyboard shortcuts and the way you can quickly estimate and time tasks. We record all our time atYoomee so this is helpful for keeping a record of what I’ve done during the day.

iA writer
A simple text editor for writing, with no distractions. The iPad and iPhone apps are great too.

Menubar countdown timer
I get really involved in whatever I’m doing so I work in 25 minute bursts and use a countdown timer to keep me on track. This one is nice and simple.

I don’t know why this isn’t part of OSX. Lets you know when you press the caps lock, which I do every other time I try to press shift.

A few years old but still my favourite CSS editor, and the best tool I’ve come across for designing in the browser. It’s now part of Espresso, but I prefer it as a stand-alone app. Would love it to support sass/less though.

Page layers
Turns a website into a Photoshop file. Great for building prototypes and experimenting with design ideas on the go.

Grids, loupes and other useful stuff for UI designers.

Shrinks jpegs without affecting the quality.

I also use ChromeTextmateiPhotoiMovieKeynoteGitxSequel Pro,Spotify, and plenty of web apps (but I’ll leave that for another blog post.)