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Waiting in Slough

Greetings from Slough! I’m in a budget hotel ‘near’ Heathrow Terminal 5, struggling to move after getting my money’s worth from the breakfast buffet.

We’re flying at mid afternoon today to Bankok, and then on from there to Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. Selfishly I’m really looking forward to 12 hours or so of sitting, where it’s perfectly acceptable to watch three films back to back and sleep whenever you like. It’s been a long month!

For the next week and a half Danny, Anita and I will visiting projects run by Tearfund’s local partners and seeing how the church over there is helping to build community and end poverty. I intend to record as much as I can for you people back home, taking photos and making artwork inspired by the people I meet, and hopefully at the end of it to tell stories that wouldn’t otherwise be heard.

I’m going to be blogging on my site and together all of our posts will be pulled through here: . I’ve also set up a kind of travel scrapbook here(, where I will post sketches, photos, tweets and other random things that don’t deserve their own blog post.

I’m feeling really excited,
and that slightly nervous sensation you get when you think you might miss a flight. But most of all I’m feeling blessed. Blessed to be able to go on this trip at all and to have some amazing people around me who have encouraged me to do it in the first place. Big thanks go to my wife Bryony, for her love and support, and to Yoomee (, the company I work for. Andy and Nicola, the directors are absolute legends and have let me go in work time, which is such a blessing- I’m not sure many employers would do that.

See you on the other side!