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Bible Challenge Book

A while ago I got involved with a project called the 100 Day Bible Challenge, where I did an illustration a day for 100 days inspired by the Bible. It was a spare-time mini design marathon, and I learned a lot in the process.

I finally got round to getting a prototype book printed of the artwork, which arrived the other day. During the challenge, one of the things that kept me going was the thought of having something nice to go on my coffee table at the end of it, so it’s really satisfying to have the first printed copy in my hands.

I used blurb for printing the book, and I’m pleased with the quality. However I’m looking to get it published to bring the costs down. Blurb is great for one-offs but at £45 a go, the book is far too expensive for anyone else to want to buy. I didn’t start out on this project to make money (I decided to give away the artwork for free here), but I would love to have a book that other people can own, and something that I can afford to give away to people around me. Getting it printed in a larger run would help me achieve this, so if you know anyone who could help, please get in touch. ([email protected])