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Our time in Tonle Batie

We’ve just come back from a two day trip to Tonle Batie, a village an hour or so out of Phnom Penh. No wifi, no 3G, and a great opportunity to spend quality time with some generous people who don’t always have it easy.

Tearfund works with the local church in this community and produces regular video updates in its ‘See for Yourself’ video series. Worth a watch.

Danny and I stayed with Pastor Ke Pich and his family (who is featured in the video above), and I had my first opportunity to sleep under the stars (in a mosquito net). I slept like a baby and was blown away by their hospitality over the weekend. 

Had a bit of a nightmare when I got back when I realised that my camera wouldn’t load the photos onto my mac. Thought I’d lost them all, but after 2 hours of fiddling I’ve managed to find a way round it (turns out it was a broken lead, phew!). 

I’ll be posting stories from Tonle Batie over the next couple of days to my scrapbook.

Also, please consider giving to Tearfund so that more villages like Tonle Batie can be supported to help themselves out of poverty. £3/month isn’t very much, and you can even pay quickly and easily by text. I think it’s such a great cause and have decided to give away 60 art prints to the first people who give. Find out more.