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Vicar clothes

My friend Rich got ordained yesterday in Doncaster Minster. Here are a few photos of him in a dress. I designed his stole, which is the white thing that goes round the neck. As I mostly work on short-term web projects it was satisfying to design something that will potentially last a long time (I can’t imagine it wearing out anyway…)

I wanted the design to be simple and different to the swirly gold and red crosses that are the norm in vicar land, so I stuck with one line width and one colour. The words are Jesus’ from Mark 1:15, which are significant to Rich. ‘Repent’ probably conjures up all kinds of negative thoughts, but in fact it’s really positive. It just means ‘turn around’, something that we all need to do from time to time. The Christian faith is good news: God is closer than we think and we’re called to turn around and believe.