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Sheffield Digital logo

I recently had the pleasure of designing the identity for Sheffield Digital.

The organisation was set up a year ago by Chris, Mel, Saul, Neill and Andy, to connect people together in Sheffield, be a voice for the community and promote the city’s digital capabilities around the country/world.


We got started by running a brand workshop at Yoomee HQ. To get everyone talking about design, we laid out a heat map of images/designs/messaging that we thought fitted with where we wanted to go. Often the most interesting part of these workshops are the disagreements — the tension between “it’s this, but also this, but definitely not that.” We all come from different angles and sometimes we don’t have the right words to explain what we mean, so having visual examples and time to thrash out a shared direction really helps.

Brand workshop at Yoomee

Our heat map ended up becoming a bit of a moodboard. We were inspired by patterns, glitches, maps, and things that felt digital without looking too ‘techy’ or ‘Broadband ISP’.


Early ideas

I started playing around with a few logo ideas, some more wacky than others. I was keen to keep the logo simple, over the top of more creative colours/patterns.

early ideas early logo ideas

We eventually landed on a concept, inspired by maps. An abstract shape showing connections in the city.

Network pattern inspired by maps

The logo in itself is really simple, says what it does (the url is I used the excellent font Calibre, and slightly altered some of the letter forms so the ‘h and d’ and the two ‘l’s aligned.

refining the logo

We ended up picking a range of colours, half inspired by text editors and half inspired by Slack’s colourful UI. As Slack is heavily used by the Sheffield Digital community (and us at Yoomee), it seemed like a good idea to have a colour scheme that compliments that. I also designed some obligatory non digital things.

tshirts and twitter


I worked with Saul on the responsive Wordpress site. It’s a quick first iteration, and we hope to develop it over time.

Sheffield Digital Website

I also posted this to Medium.